I like Vertica

We started using Vertica at my company last year.  Here’s why I like Vertica:

  1. It’s a true column store with data compression = Very Fast.
  2. It scales out on commodity hardware with no increase in database software licensing costs, since the Vertica license is based on the amount of uncompressed data stored in your database. I can double performance just by purchasing hardware, it scales linearly. I’m not locked in to purchasing a data warehouse appliance.
  3. Its designed for OLAP rather than OLTP. Which means that I don’t have to deal with all of the SQL Server Administrative headaches such as moving window partitions, running out of space on log files, managing virtual log files inside the log file, monitoring and rebuilding indexes, and table locks preventing data from loading.

Geeks will enjoy this whitepaper by Andrew Lamb that gives all of the technical details.